• General gunsmithing rate: $40/hr
  • Handgun sight installation: $25 Glock, $40 S&W, $25 H&K VP
  • AR barrel dimpling (.750 only): $20
  • AR-15 upper receiver lapping: $20
  • AR-15 build (you bring us the parts): $50
  • AR-15 build workshop (we teach you how to build with your parts): $100 for 2-hour session
  • 5.56 & 300blk headspacing: $20
  • Return shipping: Handguns $15, Long guns $20, AR-15 upper or lower halves $15, Handgun slides $10

We do almost ANYTHING related to ARs, so if you need something specific worked on or done, just let us know and we will get it done.  Please either contact us beforehand and/or include a note with customer information, work desired, and check or money order made out to Bear Armory NC for any shipped items sent to us for gunsmithing.  NC residents please add 7.5% NC sales tax to orders. 

Gunsmithing work is usually completed within 7 days, but may take longer depending on backlog and/or work desired.  Want us to install parts you haven’t bought yet?  Just contact us beforehand for a personalized quote and we’d be happy to install them and source them for you!  The general gunsmithing rate is not in addition to the specific prices listed above.  General gunsmithing rate does not include miscellaneous parts fees or the cost of ammunition for testing (cost depends on caliber and type needed for specific work).  General gunsmithing orders do NOT need to be paid beforehand, but Bear Armory NC will hold onto all unpaid orders for 60 days after completion of work; after 60 days all unpaid orders will be disposed of in order to recoup costs. 

AR Build Workshops:
Customers often want to learn how to build AR-15s, and we offer one-on-one instruction on how to build.  We can either order the parts for your custom build or you can bring them with you, then you’ll receive detailed instruction on each step of the process.  You don’t even need to bring tools; we have them already!  Workshops are offered on an appointment basis only- please contact us to set up a time.  Classes will take no more than 2 hours and are offered in-house (so we don’t have to transport tools).  Workshops do NOT include headspacing, receiver lapping, or barrel dimpling ($10/ea).

Need gunsmithing not listed above?  We can do lots more and can install handgun sights on more brands- just contact us before shipping your item(s).